Lianyungang Suli Hardware Technology Co.,Ltd. (Original Jiaxing Xinyou  Fastener Co.,Ltd.)  has the outstanding management team, advanced production concept and equipment,professional product research and development group.
     With completed production line, factory has own shops like drawing, head driving,thread rubbing, heat treatment,coating (including phosphating and galvanizing),packaging and 
CNC automatic storaged warehouse. Factory mainly  engaged in products such as drywall 
screw,chipboard screw, self tapping and self drilling screw,roofing screw, outdoor decorative screw and so on.

Perfect quality management system,strict testing requirements,Sophisticated testing equipment,Strictly enforce Stm,DIN -Standards,to ensure the quality of each product.


China(Jiaxing) fastener industry Expo 2022

Date: Oct 12, 2022 ~ Oct 14, 2022Location: China(Jiaxing) fastener industry Expo 2022Booth No: Jia Xing International Exhibition Center Zhejiang JiaxingB12&B12-1We look forward to seeing you!日期:2...

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China(Jiaxing) fastener and electromechanical industy Expo 2021

Date: Sep 17, 2021 ~ Sep 19, 2021Location: China(Jiaxing) fastener and electromechanical industy Expo 2021Booth No: B08&B08-1We look forward to seeing you!日期:2021-9-17~ 2021-9-19位置:2021中国(嘉兴)紧固件与...